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Hey Diva’s,
Want to avail your monthly dose of global trending fashion by Selectandyou young absolutely free ??
Heres how :
– 10k followers on you social media profile.
– High quality images / videos.
You can apply for review by filling the form below and we will get back to you via email with all the details regarding
– Images / Video requirements by Selectandyou.
– Your monthly coupon code value based on review.
You will be required to
– Style the outfits and click 5 high quality images and optional behind the scenes or creative videos and share them with us via email within 7 days of receiving the outfits.
– Post Images on your social media profile using the tag @ Selectandyou and mention us in your bio/profile
What will the reviews be based on?
All eligible entries will be reviewed by our creative team based on:
• Aesthetics
• Picture Quality
• Your personal style statement / poses / creativity
No other factors will be taken into consideration.
Terms & Conditions (Blogger Collaboration)
By submitting the blogger collaboration form you agree to the following terms and conditions:
• This blogger collaboration program by SELECTANDYOU is a barter only program and no part of the coupon can be redeemed for cash or its equivalent in money.
• This program is only open to Indian citizens.
• Styling of the outfits received, photoshoot and videography must be done within 7 days of receiving the outfits and high quality images / videos should be shared with SELECTANDYOU via email at colab@Selectandyou .com.
• A delay in sharing creatives will lead to the team re-evaluating the blogger and might result in termination of the program.
• SELECTANDYOU reserves the right to reject any application without any further explanation.
• SELECTANDYOU reserves the right to terminate the program for any blogger without any further explanation.
• The images shared by the blogger can be used by SELECTANDYOU in post feed / stories / website / promotions / ads etc.
• The decision by team SELECTANDYOU will be final and binding

Blogger Collaboration Form